Friday, 15 October 2010

The Online Market Place

Multi Channel Retailing - A few ideas

'Consumers who make purchases using different distribution channels are referred to as multi-channel shoppers.' (Johnson et al., 2006) 

When a retailer uses multiple channels by which to distribute their products and services, they become a 'Multi-channel' retailer. 

Channels can include:
  • Physical Store - Topshop Store
  • Mobile  - e.g Topshop App

  • Internet - e.g Topshop Website
As Internet use has grown, making up 6 percent of retail purchasing in the USA (Amire, 2000), many retail businesses scrambled to have an online presence, with or without any guidance as to its effectiveness as a channel for their particular businesses.' (Schoenbachler and Gordon, 2002)
  • Catalogues - e.g The Next Directory - purchases can be made by phone or mail.
  • Pop Up Stores - e.g ebay popped up in New York in 2009 for a short time- bearing in mind they do not operate physical stores. It gives retailers the chance to gain public awareness and excitement due to the short time the store is available. It is a fantastic marketing technique that many retailers have used or will probably use in their future. 

Check out for more info. 

  • Door to door selling and home parties    - Avon, The Body Shop at Home, Ann Summers Party

With more channels of distribution, a retailer has more chance of reaching a wider audience, and ultimately selling more products.

Victoria Magrath, 15 October 2010