Friday, 15 October 2010

Mintel - "Store-based retailers need a multichannel presence"

Almost three quarters use at least one form of home shopping
The finding that three quarters of adults use at least one home shopping channel to select 
or order goods stresses the importance of understanding how shoppers use channels  in 
conjunction with each other. With such high usage penetration levels, no retailer can afford 
to ignore the home shopping option.

Use of catalogues features prominently
Eight in ten home shoppers make reference to a printed catalogue in the process of selecting 
and buying goods, making catalogues an essential component of the multichannel offer. Further
analysis of this finding breaks down the way in which shoppers use each channel and is shown
in the next section of the report.
Nearly six in ten home shoppers use online either to select or to order goods selected through 
another channelCatalogues continue to retain relevance but online is clearly gaining usage 
and attractiveness, largely due to increased access to faster connection speeds that make it 
easier to use online.

TV also gaining ground
Data also confirm the extent of reach of TV shopping among home shoppers. Although TV shopping has the lowest penetration of the three home shopping channels, more widespread access to 
digital TV through the Freeview terrestrial platform is significantly altering usage patterns.
Mintel (2007) 'Multi-channel Retailing - UK - October 2007', accessed 15/10/2010. 

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